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Preston Yoo, Founder of The MINO Project

another startup story are proud to announce our partnership with The MINO project.

Celebrating the art of storytelling, one of our key pillars and delving deep into the spirit of entrepreneurship within local communities from all over the world. Our goal is to raise awareness of the issues we face in today’s global economy across economic development, poverty and sustainability.

The growing awakening of humanity and respect for our planet



We are inviting you to join our heart-opening journey from the start.

hearing about the stories from these local communities, the good, the bad and the ugly.


We live in a time that is more connected than ever before, yet there is undeniably so much more wealth, capital and resource disparity around the world. Why does poverty still exist? Today, about 1 billion people are in extreme poverty, living on less than $1 a day. Another 1.5 billion are in moderate poverty, living on less than $1-2 a day. Caught in the poverty trap, a vicious cycle that prevents them from pulling themselves out of impoverishment.

The MINO project connects lesser known communities to the global market. By first exploring the concept of taking existing artisan skills and crafts, or materials very unique to a specific community.

To harness the competitive advantage of each community and modernises it in a way that meets the global tastes and preferences, yet still retains the true heritage. To nurture growth whilst limiting the adverse effects of mass globalisation.

Read more of our interviews by following our journey here with the MINO project at @theminoproject


Photography by Preston Yoo | @Pres.ig