SEPTEMBER 29, 2018

Image credit:  @lenamaria.s

Image credit: @lenamaria.s

In a modern society that is founded on capitalism and meritocratic ideals, the value of a functioning member of society is tied to their productivity. Under the capitalist agenda, the working population lives a routine life, seeks materialistic comforts – and yet, at the bottom of it all, there lies a vaguely dissatisfied being. There seems to be a desire and need to satiate the emptiness that plagues modern mankind which simple cannot be filled by monetary comforts and tangible products. As society progresses in modern times, our pursuit for survival has evolved from basic needs to self-actualization.


Capitalism has created an ideology that our productiveness as a functional member of society ties to our inherent value of a human being. This has now become a system that removes all excuses for failures and increases the anxieties among the working class.


It is important that we delve deeper into the complexities that lie within the worries and anxieties of the urban society. Despite being richer than ever, within a wealth and opportunity-filled society, human beings are living more fraught lives than ever and are struggling to cope with their own worries and anxieties. We are now so adept at distracting ourselves from recognizing these anxieties. Our individuality is only a by-product of our own self categorization, caused by advertising and marketing in the media, and we need to understand this as a problem. Only then can we recognize our society as a whole and its problematic collective.


We need to start examining what our society has constructed us to desire. Attack deep structures of beliefs, question the powers in place, question what they produce and what we receive, Whether or not capitalism will carry on for the next decade or century, the truth is that it is now seen as the default.


How do we fight the system?


So many members of society are passive individuals. How many of you can say that you belong to a radical political group or fighting wars that actually make a difference?


Our consumer society has been distracting us with a so many shiny attractive products. We have been brainwashed to think that these new shiny items will add to our individuality, improve our quality of life and thus giving us the luxury and respect, we have always been deserving of.


Meritocracy is a lie that we have been told. We are all equal. There will be rewards for some and nothing for the rest. Numbed down and distracted by our surroundings, we lose focus on what is really important and we allow ourselves to be controlled by the government and mass media.


We are more than what we produce in our lifetime, more than what we are working for and we are more than what this society values for.


Our individualism binds us so strongly to the morals and values society has made us memorize. Power lies not in the individual, but in the focused majority.  


We need to leave the passivity that we have been conditioned to find comfort in and seek a gentler solution to our existence together. Solidarity is important – knowing that we are not alone and knowing that there is a togetherness can make all the difference.