FEBRUARY 9, 2019

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So you love to travel and want to earn money whilst traveling the world. You’ve heard about this concept of digital nomadism and want to be working from your laptop, whilst tanning by the pool with a G and T. You get to decide your own hours, whilst exploring the globe. Sounds super dreamy right? Well for sure it is and I’ll tell you why…


You’re no longer living in a mundane routine which means you’re constantly inspired. Being in new environments, working in new coffee shops, trying new foods and meeting new people is of course going to engage all of your five senses and make you come alive.  Travel is one wise investment that pays annual dividends beyond the fun of showing off on Instagram.  That’s right, travel actually makes you smarter. It’s proven to improve memory, increase creativity and boost brain power.


Traveling whilst working (especially if you’re traveling alone) means you’re certain to meet interesting creative people from all over the world. Hearing other people’s experiences, stories and ideas never gets boring. Not to mention the limitless collaborative opportunities possible for freelancers, writers, coaches and consultants.  

The freedom to start work and finish work whenever you want. Doesn’t anyone want that? I’m sure many of you have experienced or are experiencing having to stay late just because your boss is. Working as a digital nomad means you no longer have this problem.  


Sounds like the ultimate dream, right? These aspects are all true but it’s also important to highlight the realities hidden underneath these shiny Instagram filters. The number one struggle most digital nomads experience is self-discipline.

Without your boss checking up on you and making sure you’re in the office by 8.30am can actually work against you. Working for yourself means you have to be incredibly disciplined and getting that balance is not as simple as it sounds. Making sure you’re up early but also setting enough boundaries to avoid burn out.  

It’s so easy to fall into the mindset of feeling guilty whenever you’re not working. Without a proper routine you can neglect the need for exercising and prioritizing your wellness and health. But it’s super important to be in alignment with our mind and body.

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As tempting and easy as it looks on Instagram, 9 times out of 10 the people I’ve met traveling have never worked from the beach! Even though the option is there, the last thing you want is sand getting stuck in your MacBook and the sun glaring against your screen. Theoretically it sounds dreamy. Practically, it just doesn’t work.

You also have to have the self-discipline to avoid all the distractions these beautiful locations have to offer. With the rise of co-working spaces, cheaper cost of living and new coffee shops; popular beach destinations such as Bali, Greece and Lisbon have a lot  to offer. Whether it’s yoga, surfing, brunching with friends, night life. Soon you’ll find yourself having wasted the day away and only having done 20 mins of work.

So the lesson for today is to ensure you develop a strong morning, afternoon and evening routine to make sure you’re self-disciplined enough to be able to apply these whilst traveling and working.  

Happy globe trotting!