AUG 16, 2019

For every business, it is important to have a strong online presence, especially with social media, “to engage with your customers and attract new ones.” But sometimes it is difficult to figure out how to engage your audience and present your brand.

You might think you’re doing everything right by “being up-to-speed on the last and latest trends…,creating cool, second-to-none content, [and] writing captivating tagline and posting regularly,” but your number of followers or audience engagement might not show it. Here are ten ways to effectively help your brand or business to grow online.

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  1. Familiarity and Goals: It is very important to be aware of the features on your social platforms and how you can use that to improve your online presence so that you can know “which audiences can be reached where.”

  2. Communicate: Creating, posting, and sharing mindless content everyday doesn’t mean you are engaging with your audience. Instead, “give your followers a reason to click” and put in the effort to hold a conversation and connect with your audience.

  3. Know your audience: Really put yourself in your audience’s perspective and ask questions like, “what resonates with my audience?” and “what is actually helpful for them?” and invest time and effort into what your audience wants.

  4. Links: Even if it seems trivial, it is important to add all your social links to all your social platforms, “announce your presence on Instagram on your Facebook page and vice versa.”

  5. Share but don’t spam: Whether your connections are friends, family, or other entrepreneurs, it is great to share your social sites that could cause a “ripple effect via your own network.” However, it is imperative not to overdo it and spam: “too much is too much”.

  6. Hashtags: Hashtags should be used in every social media platform to “drive more traffic” to your social sites and website – people would see your content more and thus, engage more.

  7. Email: Putting your brand’s logo, website link, and social media sites at the end of your emails will help with your brand awareness and “will get some curious to start checking out your pages and website.”

  8. Consistent posting: Make sure to have that balance of posting regularly but not overdoing it by “deciding on a comfortable rate.”

  9. Promote: Offer things like free trials to your membership programs or free giveaways to merchandise or tickets to events to engage your audience.

  10. Create Discussion: It’s always fun to ask questions, make polls, and active with your followers by using features like Instagram stories, a “great way to build engagement.”

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MAY 30, 2019


Whether you are employed full-time, a student, a stay-at-home parent, or just want to start something new there are, in fact, many ways to make extra money with a side hustle. A side hustle is “any project you start on the side...which can turn into something profitable”. This side project can certainly be an extra source of income and depending on the side hustle, and one can earn more than 1000 dollars a month. Depending on how successful the side hustle is, you could also potentially make your side hustle your full-time job.

Side hustles are great for anyone as they “require no initial capital”, and “you can begin with no experience and learn as you go”. Here are 67 side hustle ideas that you can get started with and increase your income. Click here for more details on each side hustle.

1. Freelancing.

2. Start a money making blog.

3. Write, publish and sell and eBook.

4. Invest in cryptocurrency.

5. Sell your crafts.

6. Get paid to drive.

7. Create and sell an online course.

8. Become an English tutor.

9. Be a tour guide in your own city.

10. Earn through sponsored content on Instagram.

11. Virtual assistance.

12. Sell stuff you no longer use.

13. Create a software or mobile app.

14. Mug printing.

15. Leverage Amazon Associates.

16. Web design.

17. Be a freelance make-up artist.

18. Rent a room.

19. Complete microtasks.

20. Join sites like Swagbucks and InboxDollars.

21. Be a social media manager.

22. Get into eCommerce.

23. Pet care service.

24. Visiting cards.

25. Vending machine investing.

26. Become a social media influencer.

27. Home baking.

28. Be a freelance photographer.

29. Open a coffee shop/bar.

30. Become a stock trader.

31. Be a consultant.

32. Try a career in real estate.

33. Complete simple tasks online.

34. Rent your car.

35. Review software.

36. House sitting.

37. Sell personalized gift items.

38. Podcasting/making YouTube videos.

39. Sell leaflets and flyers.

40. Build a niche site.

41. Lease swapping.

42. Join a focus group.

43. Party catering.

44. Offer graphic design services.

45. Home cleaning.

46. Start a drone business.

47. Data entry.

48. Sell your creativity by thinking of domain names.

49. Be a travel blogger.

50. Advertise on your car.

51. Earn money while traveling with tourism jobs.

52. Be a transcriptionist.

53. Start an essay writing service.

54. Open an online vape shop.

55. Become a call center representative.

56. Make deliveries.

57. Be a fashion designer.

58. Home-based travel agent.

59. Gamble.

60. Mystery shopping.

61. Assignment writer.

62. License your photos on Instagram.

63. Article writing for revenue sharing sites.

64. Gardener.

65. Babysitting.

66. Become a food stylist.

67. Carwash service.

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