Sae Jin jang
may 6, 2019


Instagram has recently taken a big step on how posts could be potentially portrayed to others. In late August, Instagram announced, starting in Canada, the temporary removal of the number of likes a post receives shown to other people – you would be the only one to know how many likes you have on your own posts.

In fact, the test run for removing likes on Canadian Instagram accounts has already begun, and it will be very interesting to see how posts and content will be changed – or possibly stay the same.

William Soulier, the co-founder and CEO of Talent Village, explains how this will change how brands reach out and interact with their followers. He states that we can currently “judge the success of [a brand’s] social campaign” by simply observing the number of likes, noting that some brands might be fixated on likes rather than “more important factors such as the quality of the content produced”.

Furthermore, he asserts that it is “difficult to measure something like ‘quality’” of a post just based on the number of likes and that, by the removal of likes,

“Instagram can provide for a platform that encourages quality content rather than brands focusing on just the number of likes”
-William Soulier,
CEO of Talent Village

Brands will have to “realign their affiliation with the right kind of talent”, meaning that brands that only focus on the pursuit of likes, the current definition of success on Instagram, would need to changes by making quality posts, the real definition of success. In this way, brands can “match their values and have the credibility to talk authentically” on Instagram.

Essentially, William Soulier believes that removing likes will most likely have people posting in a positive manner with genuine motives, contributing to a better, more productive Instagram community.

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