karmen tang
APRIL 1, 2019

The number of freelancers in the world today make up approximately 1/3 of the American population. According to a 2013 report on the stats of the U.S. workplace, over 70% of Americans are miserable which is costing us between $450 - $500 BILLION in lost productivity each year.

These stats paired with a shift in culture and technology has given rise to the number of people starting their own businesses.

With free access to social media platforms and zero cost of publishing, never before has it been so easy to have an idea and share it with the world.


The rise of podcasting, co-working spaces and digital nomadism has made it easier for people to align their personal life with their working life. With such a big cultural shift in the workplace it’s essential that companies and individuals are adapting. The question is, are you keeping up?  

The safety net and security of a stable job is a thing of the past. This was a problem our grandparents and parents had to worry about, but not for millennials. Most of us are fortunate enough to have basic needs and necessities met, meaning we can afford to experiment and try new things. Sabbaticals and time taken out of work to pursue our hobbies and passions are becoming more and more common.  

People want to make a living but they also want alignment and a sense of purpose in the work that they do. We would rather forego a cut in salary in exchange for more fulfilment in work.

Finding our passion whilst constantly striving to live a life of fulfilment and happiness can lead to millennial burnout. We still face the issue of FOMO. We want to follow our dreams and work hard towards building them, but we also want to have fun and travel at the same time. There’s this constant tradeoff between instant and delayed gratification.

If you’re working in a mundane job you’re not passionate about my suggestion is to try new things. Start a new hobby or learn a new skill.

It is only through action will you find the thing that sets your soul on fire.

It’s a lot harder to find your purpose through thinking. I remember so clearly sitting down one afternoon and contemplating about what I wanted to do with my life. As a qualified accountant, I no longer felt fulfilled in my role and wanted to do something more creative. I had mapped out my strengths and weaknesses, used the Ikagi model as a basis and the conclusion was to become a yoga teacher.  

Fast forward a few years, I look back and laugh at this idea I once had because I’m one of the least flexible people I know. Moral of the story, don’t try and think up your passion in life. It was only until I started experimenting with different hobbies; from life drawing and Spanish lessons to rock climbing and hip-hop dancing did I learn more about myself and figure out what I was truly passionate about.

I now wake up every morning so fulfilled and excited that I get to work on another startup story. My love for music, creativity, business and finance and spirituality has meant that my business is a unique expression of this.

We are multi-faceted humans and each and every one of us has unique talents, interests and passions. It would be unfair to confine ourselves under one job title.

Not only would this limit our creativity but also the ability to connect with people.


If you’re sat here in a panicking state of worry knowing that you’ve got nothing but time against you. Or even if you don’t have an idea but know deep down you want to start something of your own you’ve come to the right place!  

The good news is as a business coach, I’m here to help you find that something. Let’s start with finding something your truly passionate about and monetize that, because we all have our own unique talents and gifts to give out to the world. It’s just about tapping into it.

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