Karmen Tang
Founder of another startup story
May 19, 2019


I recently attended a conference where I heard Gary Vaynerchuk speak. Now for those of you who don’t know who Gary V is, you need to get to know. His advice on social media and content creation is GOLD for anyone with a business or personal brand and so I wanted to share some of the key learnings on the day.

If you’re finding it difficult to grow your social media following, it’s because all your content is selfish. Harsh, but true. The reason why people follow your account is for one of three reasons; to educate, inspire or entertain. If you’re not doing at least one of those, then it’s likely that your content is crap.

“Worldwide, people watch 1.25 billion hours of YouTube video every day. They post 66,000 photos or videos on Instagram every single minute. And, on average, 20 percent of the time people dedicate to mobile is spent on Facebook.

The scale and power of social-media platforms make it possible for any of us to earn money from a personal brand. With only 1,000 followers, someone on Instagram can earn $5,000 per year, from just two posts a week” – Gary Vaynerchuk, Crushing it!

Everyone needs to think like a publisher. The gateway is content and communication through media is foundational to any business. Media dictates what you think and it creates the outcome you aspire to. Your phone is the most powerful tool right now and it’s scary how many people are not utilizing and maximizing it to its full potential.

With Instagram being over-saturated now, it’s a blessing and a curse and the cream rises to the top. But the truth is, the more content you put out; the more you’re likely to bring out as much valuable content as possible.

The 7 principles you need to nail are: 

1.     Authenticity

2.     Passion

3.     Patience

4.     Hard Work

5.     Attention

6.     Speed

7.     Intent 

‘The intent of content is the variable of success’


You need to teach and help people, not treat them like holiday-makers trying to shove a menu down their throat. Every time you post, you can’t expect people to buy your product or services.

A good example is fashion blogger Nadia Anya. The reason why she has over 370k followers on IG and 47k YouTube followers is because she creates content to inspire and entertain others. People follow her for her fashion sense and beauty tips.

As a dear friend of ours, we’ve partnered up with Nadia to share some of her secrets to success as an influencer and YouTube Content Creator.  You can grab your copy of ‘Monetizing your Instagram Guide’ here.