Who: Mike Tsang
What: Food Content Creator
Field: Photography
Where: London
Follow: @freshmikeeats


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Introduce yourself and tell us what do you do…

I’m a full-time motion designer working for an advertising agency (Iris Worldwide), eater/Instagrammer capturing the motion via photography.

Where are you from?
Born and raised in UK. Parents are from Hong Kong.

How old are you?

Did you go to university, if so what did you study?
Yes, I studied Software system for the Arts and media at the University of Hertfordshire. It was a mixture of arts and computer science. I enjoyed the creative side most.

How did the idea come about?
My girlfriend created me! Haha, she converted me into a foodie. I used to see food as just fuel. 

Where did the name come from?
It was the nick name given to me because I always had the freshest ideas apparently.

How did you market yourself when starting out as a content creator?
I never marketed myself. I just created content that I love and it got noticed.

How many followers do you have?
11k or so.

What kind of brands have you worked with?
The most recent bunch are Patty and bun, island poke, taste of London, Canon, the Prince London and Mac and Wild.

How did you find your style?
I used to capture street photography and I combined that style with food. We used to break into broken buildings to shoot on weekends. We used to see really random things such as voodoo dolls, but we got good shots!

Most important question, what camera do you use?
Canon M5, 35mm lens with 1.4. My first camera was a Nikon3000, but the camera is just a tool, it’s all about the artist. 

What kind of filters apps do you use?
I don’t use any filter apps but I use Lightroom create my own custom filter. I edit each picture individually. 


You’ve got such a unique style. How do you stop comparing yourself to other IG users?

I don't compare myself to others. I use Instagram as a platform to share my creativity. As a motion designer, I like to combine the motion designing with the food e.g. steam of the dumplings. I like to allow my viewers to feel like they’re there in the moment. I focus on the experience as well as the food - Mike

What would you change if you could go back in time?
I wish I had started Instagram sooner. I've only started getting fully into it 1 year ago. 

What advice would you give 20-year-old you?
To follow what makes you happy, work hard and don't give up!

Where do you get your inspiration from?
Everywhere, I work alongside with other talented creative individuals. They inspire me and drive me to become better.

Were you doing that out of passion or was it monetised?
Passion always.

Is social media the way forward? 
Social media is powerful. Brands are starting to use influencers on Instagram for marketing.

How do you keep your customers engaged?

”I like to create content which makes the viewer feel as though you're being taken on the journey with me. Experiencing those raw, authentic and genuine moments”
Mike Tsang

What’s your one piece of advice for someone wanting to become a blogger/content creator?
My advice in that case would be to not be afraid to create. It's doesn't have to make sense as long as your enjoying what you’re doing. The more you create the more you'll improve. Once you’ve found your style then you’re unstoppable.


Where do you find all the best restaurants to eat at?

Instagram and A lot of people have contacted me through my page for offers and taster days - Mike

What does your morning routine look like?
I wake up have a rough idea of which three locations I’ll want to visit and shoot different types of content. Then I’ll get inspired on route.

What’s your philosophy on life?
Don't take things too seriously and enjoy what you have in life right now. Don’t wait for that moment to come, always make your own.


5 JULY, 2018




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