The collective was founded by Karmen Tang. An aspiring individual who fell in love with storytelling during her travels around South America. Discovering personal adventures and stories of people from all walks of life is what lights her soul.
Having traveled to over 30 countries she’s a spontaneous jet-setter, keen photographer, writer, and all-round self-starter. She is committed to drawing together like-minded, driven individuals and bridging the gap between creativity and entrepreneurship. 

Informed by her strong education, with a First-Class Honours BSc in Economics at Southampton University and as a qualified ICAEW Chartered Accountant, Karmen successfully executes brand strategy with focus and sound academic thinking to achieve significant and sustainable results. With her creative flair and business acumen, Karmen continues to create meaningful solutions for startups and brands with purpose and authenticity for the modern world; through value adding one-to-one business consulting.

Karmen continues to expand and evolve another startup story into an inspiring source of education; found at the place where dreaming and risk-taking collide. 


“My job is not to interview, it’s to connect people to ideas and stories so that they can see themselves from a different perspective and live up to their true potential”
Karmen Tang



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