Why self-awareness is the key to a successful life and business

We live in a dominated mind.

On average, we have 70,000 thoughts per day and 90% of them are the same thoughts.

With social media and advertising constantly fighting for our attention we have to try even harder to develop a new level of awareness.

Ever said to yourself I’m going to go with the flow? Whether that be in a potential new relationship, a new job or even life in general.

Then we'll end up miserable and don’t end up thriving in life. This is because the flow that we’re following isn’t an authentic one and is based on cultural conditioning. We go with what we’ve been conditioned to believe is life and that’s not life at all. We are trained to think being head-centric and living through the mind and trained to think that we need to get good grades which will get us into university and to get a good job. Yes, developing education is good but we need to learn to live in our authentic flow and live in our hearts. We need to learn what our discomfort is telling us, what our pain is telling us and what our pleasures are telling us.

We live in a head-centric society which is why people are so obsessed with their phones, checking our e-mails, refreshing our Instagram feeds and checking out WhatsApp’s.

What’s the point to life if we’re not happy?

What’s the point in any job, if you’re not bringing other people happiness. Whether that’s via a product or service.

Where is my authentic passion and what is it telling me if I’m listening to my body? People think that change happens in the mind. A lot of people in business will try and train the mind through the concept of thinking and growing rich, which is good.


“95% of our actions are unconscious. In order to shift into where 5% of the population live – and that is as free individuals who are actually living their heart path and being extremely abundant while doing so – what you need to do is look at what is going on in the unconscious to sabotage your life and sabotage your business.” – Chantelle Raven, Wellness coach

We'll continue to live in cycles until you decide to change your unconscious patterning. The only way that change can happen is through a willingness to break habits. This cannot be done at a mental level. We need to have an awareness of your impulses. Instead of doing them unconsciously, we need to stop and ask yourself what’s guiding me towards that impulse?

Impulses that can stop you from flourishing in business are addictions. This can be in the form of anything like drugs, alcohol, relationships or working too much. Most people’s lives are spent avoiding their emotional body through addictions. This isn’t a hardcore extreme thing, we’re in addictions all the time.

A big addiction for the feminine is to run drama in relationships which takes us away from focusing on their business. A big addiction for the masculine is to overwork and ignore the emotional health.

We need to create time where we’re still. Whether that’s via morning rituals, digital detoxing and unplugging or simply spending with nature and meditating. As you develop more self-awareness and dismantle your ego and self, the wholeness of you comes out. You slowly learn to detect another people’s bullshit.

The more we’re plugged into the more we’re neglecting our true potential. Reading and listening to our interviews are a relief from the shallowness of social media. Podcasts, resources and books can help you draw out the wisdom. But we need to tap into our own answers through meditation. You have to learn to de-code it.

We need to be making sure we know ourselves the most before we can control how we act in personal and professional relationships.

The path to self-awareness is a long and uncomfortable journey but the returns are unlimited and change can happen through…

1.     Discipline

2.     Getting out of our comfort zone

3.     Listening (to what our body is telling us and feedback from external environment)

Courage is about knowing yourself and most people don’t know who they are. They live according to social rules and norms and go with what is in trend. The first step in being able to be courage and changing your life is to ask yourself ‘what is success to me?’

People will have different versions of success. For some it’s about beautiful relationships, other’s it’s money and that’s okay. It’s about honoring our own personal versions of success.

We need to learn from our pains and failures and to get out of your comfort zone. Follow our pleasure and bliss without being attached to it. Become conscious of our addictions. Instead of judging yourself, transform it to your power.