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Dear Startup Community,

another startup story is a media and educational platform created to facilitate creative entrepreneurs, artists and influencers.

In this digital age, never before has it been so easy to have an idea and to put this out to the world. With all these marketing platforms at our finger tips we have easy access to a global audience. Every single human has a unique set of gifts and talents that they can offer to society. If these gifts are not being utilized then you are effectively stealing from those that need it most. And it’s only when you have that level of depth with your responsibility for your expertise, do you understand the importance of serving.  

We live in an instantaneous world where we want to see the end product and discard the growth phase. We see this shiny polished brand without any knowledge of the behind the scenes. But there are so many lessons to be learnt in the building blocks and the stories behind these businesses.

We share the real stories of founders of creative startups, artists, influencers and leaders across the globe. Interesting interested individuals. Our interviews are honest rather than being full of media trained responses as each individual candidly discuss their successes and failures, their passions and perspectives.

another startup story captures the ambitions and realities of today’s creative industry and offers tips, advice and education for the next generation of business owners.

We aim to host events, workshops, guides, tailored 1:1 coaching and other products each entrepreneur needs to help them start, build and grow a successful business. We are the startup for startups.

Be the artist of your life.

Who’s behind this?



To realize you can learn something from anyone
Hungry. To be a lifelong learner


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